MSP’s core product, the ROCPROP yielding roof-support system, was developed for use in tabular ore bodies with mining widths up to 6m - primarily deep level gold mines - and caters for static and dynamic loading conditions.  ROCPROP is an AngloGold internationally registered patent which is manufactured and distributed under licence by MSP. 

Installed using hydraulic fluid, ROCPROP is engineered to yield mechanically as closure occurs when rock is subjected to quasi-static and/or dynamic loading conditions. The market for ROCPROP has extended to coal mining where it is used for roadway, belt drive support and long wall pull-off, reducing material-handling, costs and installation time. 

MSP not only manufactures ROCPROP but also provides trained personnel to assist with underground installations. Accredited international agents facilitate this service in the export market.  

On the back of the success of the ROCPROP system, MSP is constantly developing new products. 

The company’s leading facility is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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