The Hydro-Prop is a re-useable temporary stope walling support unit that can be remotely installed and removed. Its structure is manufactured from a two steel tubing system which allows for efficient support to stope walling.

The Hydro-Prop’s tubing system is hydraulically set and in so doing extends out telescopically to support and suit any required excavation height.

The inlet (fill-valve) is a non-return valve capable of tolerating a large amount of debris and a complimentary tool has been designed to remotely release this valve to collapse the two sections back together.

During installation the prop is installed and pre-stressed using current conventional pre-stress pumps as utilised for pre-stressing pods, pack pre-stress plates, as well as other water pre-loaded elongate supports used in underground mines. The pump can pre-stress the prop to maximum loads of up to 10 tons.

The Hydro-Prop is designed to transfer water from the bottom (outer) tube into the top (inner) tube during yielding. The prop yields under dynamic loading conditions and is equally stable under static loads of up to 10 tons before yielding.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Remote release
  • Colour coded to identify ranges
  • Dynamic yielding capability
  • No creep under static conditions
  • Consistent loading  therefore no uneven loading on hanging wall
Min (m) Max (m) Transport length (m)
0,9 1,1 0,835
1,1 1,2 0,905
1,2 1,5 1,065
1,4 1,8 1,265
1,7 2,1 1,445
1,7 2,3 1,54


Pre-load (tons) Yield load (kN) Pump Time (s)
  Static Dynamic  
10 100 200 45

Product sketch:

No. Component name Description
1 Swivel head board Channel with Rubber Padding
2 Inner tube 76.2×6 mm
3 Scrubber seal Urethane Seal
4 Carrying handles 10 mm Round Bar
5 Inner seal and relieve valve Robust Rubber-Seal [PRV 10/20 ton]
6 Outer tube 88.9×5 mm
7 Filler valve NRV with Urethane Seal
8 Outer tube dome 6 mm