The ROCPROP Mk3 is an MSP innovation, which provides the same trusted performance of the Mk1 ROCPROP at was originally designed for deep level gold mines, for use in tubular ore bodies with mining widths of up to 4.5m. It is an all-steel elongated support system with predictable and repeated performance thereby catering for static and dynamic load conditions and enduring availability of the excavation for its life span.

Under static load conditions it sustains constant load-bearing characteristics during blasting and maintaining the integrity of the hanging roof during closure. In both static conditions and in seismically active mines it provides a constant resistance to keep loose blocks in place.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Dynamic yielding capability
  • Colour coded to identify ranges
  • No creep under static conditions
  • Consistent loading therefore no uneven loading on hanging wall
Max Min Transport length Mass (kg) Colours
1,1 0,9 0,765 24.24  
1,2 1,1 0,835 26.13  
1,5 1,2 0,995 30.45  
1,8 1,4 1,195 35.84  
2,3 1,7 1,47 43.26  
2,5 1,9 1,595 46.64  
3,2 2,2 1,97 56.75  
3,5 2,4 2,135 61.21  
4 2.7 2,445 69.57  
4,5 3 2,785 78.74  


Pre-load (tons) Yield load (kN) Pump Time
  Static Dynamic  
20 200 200 45 s – 1,2 min

Product sketch:

No. Component name
1 Inner tube domed end
2 Inner tube
3 Cone
4 Carrying handle
5 Flared section
6 Outer tube
7 End plate
8 Cup seal
9 Hook
10 Control panel
11 Loading nozzle
12 Outer tube domed end


Test Result Review:

As the load on the Mk3 20 ton RocProp is increased its predictable and repeatable yielding performance is noted from the onset, while simultaneously absorbing the energy induced on by the compressive load brought on by the stope walling. The total absorbed energy over the total compression of 400mm is 76kJ.

Installation Method:

  • Clear out area where the Mk3 RocProp is to be installed.
  • Ensure that the footwall, where prop is to be installed, is clean and solid.
  • Clean nozzle on hose and prop, lubricate if necessary.
  • Check to see that the “O” ring is not damaged.
  • Erect the RocProp upright in its correct position. (90o to the hanging-wall).
  • Ensure all connectors are dirt free.
  • Place appropriate headboard on top of the RocProp.
  • Attach hose to prop and ensure clip is fastened securely.
  • Open control valve and pump water till the prop can stand on its own.
  • Stand back and hold up the prop with a sling if necessary. (Use two at an angle to each other).
  • Pump RocProp till: the relief valve “blows off” and the prop is secured against the hanging wall.
  • Check on the deformation of the headboard.
  • Fit cone setting tool around the prop and drive down wedge by dropping the cone setting tool from the highest possible height 10 times.
  • Release the water pressure by opening the by-pass valve on the control panel.
  • Remove water connection from the prop and put away cone setting tool.
  • Apply ‘Rust Prevention” on inner tube wedge, if necessary.
  • Check that the prop is in order on its installed position.
  • Installation is complete.

Special Features:

  • Water inflated.
  • Remote installation.
  • Various lengths available.
  • Yielding temporary support.
  • Safety enhancement product.
  • Available in 20 metric ton yield.
  • Dynamically and statically tested.
  • Easy and quick to install – less physical.
  • Telescopic and maintenance friendly design.
  • Reduced installation time – approx. 45 s – 1.2 min pumping time.
  • Compatible for use with full range of MSP prop accessories and pre-stress pumps.
  • Performance exceeds requirements/ standards set by CSIR’s Mining and Technology for Rock burst Control.
  • High-grade materials are specified and selected for optimum balance of cost, strength, corrosion and ease of fabrication.